Organised bands of armed Hindus — some from groups tied to Modi’s party — fanned across the state seeking revenge against Muslims for allegedly burning a train full of Hindu pilgrims a few weeks earlier. The Hindu rioters systematically sought out and destroyed Muslim homes and businesses, killing more than 1,000 people. Muslim women were singled out. According to many Indian and foreign sources, including a Human Rights Watch account and a report by an international research team called ‘Threatened Existence: A Feminist Analysis of the Genocide in Gujarat,’ women were stripped, gang-raped, often publicly, and in almost all cases then burned or hacked to death. The reason the violence reached such extremes was that the state police stood back and did not intervene to stop the attacks by Hindu fanatics and even told victims that it could not protect them.

Please tell me again how Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi is your feminist icon from India for denouncing rape when he allowed this to happen under his watch.

Do enlighten me, liberals. I’m waiting.

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The New York Times pisses off Latino readers with wildly tone deaf headline 

it’s like both mass media and authority decided to collectively up the ante on not making any sense




Please watch the video.

please watch the video

Current state of America right now


Palestinian men in the village of Abu Ghosh take an oath to fight during the Arab uprising of 1936-39 against British colonial rule and the Zionist project. 


This made tear up for real.

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I remember seeing this metal box in 2000, when I went to visit the Al-Khiam Prison in the village of Al-Khiam in South Lebanon after its liberation. It has stuck with me ever since (I was only eight years old then) and I just came across this picture online. The guide there told us the Zionists and their dogs (the SLA) used to put prisoners inside this metal box for weeks on end. The box is about a meter high and half a meter wide. Prisoners could not sit, lie down, or even move inside the box, they had to maintain a crouching position all throughout. The Zionists would then begin to hit the walls of the box with metal pipes, sometimes for as long as three hours, as a form of torture for those inside. When the “Israelis” withdrew from South Lebanon in 2000, they left the prison in the hands of the SLA, who told their masters they could hold the prison for as long as they liked. The guards had long abandoned their posts by the time the people of the South, unarmed, burst into the prison (see video at 5:50) to liberate those inside. This prison was turned into a museum after liberation, and it was proving to be too damaging to the Zionists’ already horrific reputation, so they destroyed this prison during the 2006 war, not by accident. They targeted it specifically with multiple air strikes.

Oh my god :/

First of all- that’s a big ass LIE.
If anyone ever did that it was never any “Zionist” but someone from Lebanon. It’s agains our ISRAELI laws to do such things, and ALSO, it is known fact that the ISRAELI army is one of the must humane army in the world. We let prisoners (who are terrorists) study and have a degree and meet their families and they have better treatment than any other country in the world.

Ahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha get your head out of your ass please

I can confirm that these were put into use against Palestinians inside Palestine as well. There is even a second variation:

They would place the box up against a wall, and they would drill little holes in the wall, so that in the winter, the cold air can seep into the box from the outside.

Since you cannot move in those things, the same spots of your body would be exposed to cold air for a very long period of time. It’s supposed to simulate the feeling of being stabbed with cold needles whenever you wriggle.

Such methods were developed because they needed torture methods that would not produce any long term evidence of torture, as starting in the 1980s Palestinians started to increasingly ask for legal and international inspection of Israeli torture methods.

I’m reblogging this again cos fuck Israel.

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You’re mad at Christian heritage being destroyed? Where was your anger when the United States and Israel were destroying Iraq for two decades?

It’s especially galling because the Americans who feign the most concern for the victims of ISIS were the most vocal cheerleaders of U.S. policy against Iraq. 







The Times of Israel is a zionist online newspaper founded by a former reporter from the right-wing zionist Jerusalem Post. Its blog section is always filled with incitement and propaganda against Palestinians. Today, however, they crossed a line. Although the moral repugnancy of this sentiment gave no one working at this rag second thoughts, the backlash on twitter has now forced the editors to remove the piece. 

The name of the author is Yochanan Gordon. May this haunt him for the rest of his pathetic life.

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Benjamin Doherty of the Electronic Intifada managed to save a cached version of the whole article here. It’s exactly as vile as you’d expect.

Wait that’s not sarcastic? HOW IS THAT NOT SARCASTIC?!

zionist pig

Sometimes I wish religious people were reasonable and could live in peace. Other times, I wish a giant meteorite would land on this shitty piece of desert and the conflict would automatically get solved thanks to nature. I just cannot have sympathy for people who believe in religions that tells them that procreating is a good thing and the more kids the better.

Oh look another ignorant white who thinks they are so civilized and modern because they’re not religious. The irony is that your horror at an article justifying genocide in turn causes you in turn to openly fantasize about the mass death of my people. You are a disgusting, hypocritical pig. 

Tunnels were used in the Warsaw Ghetto to smuggle food and weapons. They were also used by the Vietnamese when the US bombed them to pieces. Why are people so surprised that when you cage people in or bomb them, that they seek refuge underground?
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In memoriam of Wael Zwaiter

Emily Jacir: Material for a film (the search for Wael Zwaiter)

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On Monday, 16 October 1972, Wael Zuaiter left Janet Venn-Brown’s apartment and headed to his apartment at no. 4 Piazza Annibaliano in Rome. He had been reading One Thousand and One Nights on Venn-Brown’s couch, searching for references to use in an article he was planning to write that evening. He took two buses to get from Venn-Brown’s place to his in northern Rome. Just as he reached the elevator inside the entrance to the building of the apartment block where he lived, Israeli assassins fired 12 bullets into his head and chest with .22 caliber pistols at close range.

Wael Zuaiter had become the first victim in Europe in a series of assassinations of Palestinian artists, intellectuals and diplomats that was already underway in the Middle East.

Zuaiter ended an article he wrote for the newspaper L’Espresso two or three weeks previously by quoting the English mystic Francis Thompson:

“That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star”

Zuaiter’s dream was to translate One Thousand and One Nights directly from Arabic into Italian. He had been working on this project since his arrival in Italy in 1962. To this day an Italian translation from the Arabic does not exist; all the Italian translations are from other translations.

Zuaiter had photocopied 4,000 pages of one of the oldest Arabic editions from a library in Rome. He asked Laila Baido, a woman from Sardinia living in Rome, to help with the translation and they worked on it for many years. Venn-Brown and I searched for her last December, so I could see his xeroxes and their translations of the first book, but no one knew anything regarding her whereabouts.

The night Zuaiter was killed he had volume two of the book in his pocket. Twelve of the bullets entered his body but there was a thirteenth that pierced the book and lodged in its spine. Venn-Brown kept this book hidden for thirty years; recently she donated it to the Wael Zuaiter Center in Massa Carrara.

*There is israeli-american non-profit that names all the people assassinated by Mossad since the 1960’s. It lists the reasons they were targeted, along with all their terrorist affiliations. Next to Wael’s name was listed ‘unknown’. This inspired Radio with pictures: Wael Zwaiter ‘Unknown’ which interviews Janet Venn-Brown, his partner of 8 years and the last one to see him alive. In the interview she describes his desire to translate 1001 Nights, so that others could learn more of Arab culture and its history. 

In 1979 Brown published Per un Palestinese ( For a Palestinian), an edited volume of tributes to Zuaiter, with contributions from Maxime Rodinson, Jean Genet, Alberto Moravia, Fadwa Touqan and Edward Said. 

Included above are Illustrations by Aldous Massie for Creative Nonfiction’s Wael Zuaiter: Unknown;  The illustrations were projected as large-scale backdrops to enhance Jessie Cox’s retelling of 1001 Nights.

WEST BANK, AL RAM.  Young Palestinians throwing stones during a demonstration in January 1988.  Jean-Claude Coutausse.

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العيد في غزة. 

Eid in Gaza, palestinians teach life. 

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Remember that idiotic post that was going around hailing Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman because she’s a “woman of color”? 

She’s Israeli, she’s as woman of color as Wonder Woman can get. A black Wonder Woman would not be the original Wonder Woman.